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Wound Care Surgeons

Wound Care Surgeons (WCS) delivers advanced wound consultation and G-tube replacement services. WCS focuses on highly coordinated, efficient, low-cost delivery of MD/PA/NP services dedicated to patients with multiple chronic co-morbid conditions.

We provide LTACs (Long Term Acute Care Services),  SNFs (Skilled Nurse Facilities), Rehabs, Home Health Agencies and Hospices with the most advanced wound consult & treatment and gastrostomy tube replacement under mobile x-ray at patients location.

About Us
  • Pre-visit planning to optimize care
  • Preventative care approach to wound management
  • Team management of chronic conditions
  • Integrate condition-specific pathways for chronic co-morbid conditions affecting wound healing

Reducing the overall cost of the health care system

  • Wound dressing supply costs
  • Hospital admissions due to wounds or wound infection
  • Hospital length of stay (LOS)
  • Surgical procedures related to wounds
  • Home health & hospice interventions
  • Skilled Nursing Facility days
  • Emergency room visits
  • Infection rates




Surgical Wound Consult

We accept all kind of wounds and ulcers for consult and management so that home health and hospice nurses can have wound specialist orders for faster healing or ... Read More >>

Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tubes Services

A feeding tube is a silicone tube used to provide nutrition to patients who cannot eat by mouth. These patients usually have trouble swallowing safely ... Read More >>


For any services not rendered, a refund can be made. For any confirmed appointment canceled within 24 hours, the practice will charge a cancellation fee of $100.

All visits to the bedside have to be pre-arranged with our office. We make all possible efforts to see the patient at the earliest. However, it depends if all of the patient's required documentation is submitted for review. Once the patient is accepted, we will provide available appointment times and location settings. Each case is unique. It may take longer if the patients have a specific appointment day and time needs or if we can not reach a power of attorney.

If the patient is accepted, we can provide a wound consult on the same day in most cases and give a report. In other cases, the reports are sent within 24 hours of the patient encounter.


Each case is unique. Once the patient is accepted for the care, we will inform the patient/family how frequently the maintenance wound care visits will be scheduled.

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