For any services not rendered, a refund can be made. For any confirmed appointment canceled within 24 hours, the practice will charge a cancellation fee of $150.

Appointments are available the same day, Monday Wed Thursday, between 12 noon and 3 PM, at our clinic in Canoga Park. Once the patient is accepted, we will provide available appointment times. Each case is unique. It may take longer if the patients have specific appointment day and time needs or if we can not reach a power of attorney.

Each case is unique. Once the patient is accepted for the care, we will inform the patient/family how frequently the follow up wound care visits will be scheduled.

At the time of acceptance of the patient we will inform the cost of consult and treatment fee.

WCS takes most major credit cards payment. We also accept payments through Apple pay PayPal, Google pay and Amazon pay on our website or call us at 844-968-6363.

At the time of acceptance of the patient, we will inform the cost of cost and treatment procedures.

We will inform the consult and treatment cost when setting up the patient's acceptance.

Call 1-844-968-6363 Monday through Friday, 8.30 AM - 11.30 p.m. (Pacific Time).

WCS accepts most major credit cards or payment portals through Amazon, Apple, Google, and Paypal. For some services and procedures, we can offer a flat fee.

We're committed to providing quality healthcare to everyone in the community who needs it, regardless of the ability to pay.

We accept chronic non-healing wounds only. However, we review each case before accepting it. We only accept cases where we feel we can genuinely make a difference and improve the quality of life of the patient. It's not given that your referral will be accepted by our practice. We certainly don't want to give any false hope, waste time, and resources. 

We send all progress reports to the home health agency, hospice agency, or PCP within 24 hours of our visit. We also communicate with PCPs if other concerns require prompt attention.

At the time of acceptance of the patient, we will inform you if you will receive any bill for our services.

We can replace the feeding tube the same day if the patient is referred before 14:00hrs. Otherwise, we can replace it first thing, the following morning.

For Medi-Medi patients referred by home health or hospices, if patients cancel confirmed or missed appointments, the nursing agency will be charged a fee of $150 per service date. 

An annual administrative fee of $600 will be charged to the patients for non-billable services.

Hospices are responsible for payments for services. We will accept a patient for services once the hospice agrees to the terms only. At the time of acceptance of the patient, we will inform if the hospice is responsible for charges. 

We do require a HIPAA compliant contractual obligation with SNFs and Hospices. We have a standard one for that purpose, available upon request.

For patients with home health agencies, no contract is required, we are confident that our services are superior, and that once we have proven ourselves to you, you will consult our clinicians simply because our treatment and services are the best.

At the time of acceptance of the patient, we will inform you if we require any documentation from your PCP.


We include a summary of charges by category on all bills and statements. If you want an invoice detailing the costs in each category, call 844-968-6363.

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