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Established with the mission of providing expert wound care and feeding tube services, we have used evidence-based clinical pathways and expedited the healing of wounds. We have raised the level of quality of wound care provided to the patients. WCS has wound healing rates that have remained consistently at or above the national benchmark. Highly coordinated care is inbuilt and streamlined in the patient's wound maintenance encounters, especially with multiple chronic comorbid conditions. The efficiency of care provided by our clinicians reduces overall costs, time, and energy of the patient, insurance carriers, caregivers and the entire health care system as a whole. Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our patients above and beyond the standards of practice.

Why WCS?

WCS provides clinical expertise through:

  • G-tube or PEG replacement with radiologist read 
  • Assessment and treatment of all wound types including (Pressure Ulcers- Stages I-IV, Non-Pressure- Arterial, Diabetic, Venous and Postsurgical Wounds)
  • All patients receive the same quality of care, regardless of payer source. We accept Medicare, Medi-Medi, PPO, HMOs, and IPAs with approved authorization.
  • Continued quality measures and improvement activities in built in our practice protocol.
  • Physicians recommend generic dressings keeping wound dressing supplies costs contained
  • We work as part of a wound care team with your nurses to improve healing rates.
  • Physicians may incorporate dietician consult and IV antibiotic therapy if clinically necessary
  • Physician documentation and orders supporting your care are completed and returned within 24 hours of our provider's encounter with the patient.

What are the benefits?

  • Nursing visits are reduced by an average of 50%.
  • Patients heal faster.
  • Dressing costs are reduced by eliminating unnecessary dressing changes.
  • “Continuum of care program” is created for all wound patients.
  • Regulatory requirements are met.
  • The doctor’s documentation supports your wound care treatments.
  • Hospital readmits, ER visits, and wound care center visits are reduced or eliminated, thereby further reducing Medicare Part-A billing.
  • Reduction in cost at every level of the healthcare system.
  • SNF’s, Home Health and Hospice agencies differentiate themselves in the community as an agency of excellence affiliated with Wound Care Surgeons.
  • Skilled Nursing and Long-Term acute care facilities with Medicare patients who have exhausted paid eligible days from insurance would be able to discharge patients with wounds to home. WCS providers would provide continuity of care.
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