for LVN, RN, PA, NP, DO, MDs



Get Ready to Dominate the Competition 


You're going to be a local hero. 

Your patients are going to have the best outcomes for chronic non-healing wounds. 

You will be known as the wound specialist who delivers results in the shortest time. 

You will have a massive advantage over your competitors because most of them won't ever learn this knowledge of wound healing. 

And learning this protocol-driven time-tested with decades of experience is an effective and efficient method that I've perfected for almost 20 years.


Wound Care is ultra-popular, and NOW is the time to start. 

You are starting your wound care services in the hottest wound care market in the history of the world. 

You will be providing the top patient-satisfaction wound care procedure in the world. 

You will have an unfair advantage in attracting patients away from competitors. 

You will attract patients away from other wound care providers who don't know how to give results. 

In brief, you'll have the best technique and knowledge to manage chronic non-healing wounds in the hottest market. 

That's not a bad way to start.


Course Dates: Friday, Dec 15 to Sunday, Dec 17 2023

Venue: TBD in Woodland Hills, CA



Course Title Agenda Price Select
Basic Course LVN, RN $1250
Advanced Course NP, PA $2500
Master Course DO, MD $5000

There are few places in the world to learn this

The wound care surgeons' protocols are the most precise and efficient way to treat chronic non-healing wounds. Period.

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