Workers Comp

An employee sustaining a personal injury arising out of and in employment or disabled by occupational disease is entitled to reasonable and proper medical, surgical, and hospital services, nursing, medicines, mechanical, and surgical wound care, as needed.
Our goal is to ensure workers injured in their employment receive wound care benefits from their employers or insurance companies once our practice accepts.
You have the right to choose your doctor if you are hurt at work. You also have the right to get a second opinion. In most cases, you can choose any doctor. For workers' compensation carriers with "managed care," you must select from a list of doctors. Make sure you tell your doctor, hospital, and other health practitioners if your condition is work-related. They should send all bills to your employer, not to you.
Our specialized wound care restores your natural healing process by taking advantage of recent advances in wound care—whenever possible, without requiring surgery. We make sure that you get the assistance you may need from a family member and community health resources, such as visiting nurses. We design a plan of care that you may be able to perform at home between your visits to see your doctor. We develop an overall customized wound management plan using the most effective approaches, which may include:

● Compression therapy
● Diabetic education
● Debridement
● Home health referrals
● Infectious disease management
● Laboratory evaluation
● Nuclear medicine (radiation therapy)
● Nutritional management
● Occupational or physical therapy
● Pain management
● Patient education and counseling
● Podiatry consultations
● Skincare
● Skin grafting
● X-rays and bone scans
● Vascular evaluation
● Wound assessment

Our ultimate goal is to heal you as quickly and safely as possible. Our customized wound treatment plan offers a high level of limb salvage in severe wounds, earlier recovery, and restoration of your mobility.
What Is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation, or workers' comp, is a type of medical insurance provided by an employer to facilitate medical care & treatment to employees who are injured at the workplace or become ill due to their job. A practical, responsive, and cost-efficient Workers' compensation can be helpful during the recovery process for all the involved parties, including the injured employee, their employer, and the employer's workers comp insurance provider. To get the benefits of workers' comp, the respective medical providers must adhere to the specific reporting guidelines. The team at Wound Care Surgeons has thorough & extensive knowledge and the experience required to facilitate the appropriate medical procedures and treatments for the injured workers depending on their specific work-related injuries. Who is at risk for work-related injuries?
Work-related injuries commonly include those resulting from using or operating machinery. Irrespective of the occupation, a person may be at risk of a work-related injury.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), below are the jobs that contain the highest risk of occurring work-related injuries in the areas of:

* Transportation or shipping
* Construction
* Manufacturing & production
* Installation, maintenance, repair
* Service areas including firefighter and police work

According to NSC, a person in one of these fields may be at significant risk of a work-related injury. What are the most common work-related injuries? We all have heard about the tragic accidents that often occur at workplaces. It can be life-threatening for the injured workers and cost the employer time and money. Therefore, an organization needs to build a set of preventive measures for all employees under its safety program.
At Wound Care Surgeons, the team provides personalized, above and beyond standards of care for common work-related injuries due to:

● Slips, Trips, And Falls - Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common types of personal injuries in the workplace. The types of injuries include head, back, and neck injuries, broken bones, cuts & lacerations.
● Moving Machinery - Heavy machinery in factories and constriction sites may cause limb loss, puncture wounds, severed fingers, and blindness.
● Transportation-related accidents -When any vehicle is involved or another type of transportation, there is the potential for a wide variety of injuries.
● Fire And Explosions - Various risk factors such as faulty gas lines or open flames can cause severe burns, damage to the respiratory systems, and various traumatic injuries. With Wound Care Surgeons, you can be assured of timely, cost-effective, and high standards of wound care.

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